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It IS True Less is More!

Minimalize and surround yourself with your treasures. Take on the task of Decluttering.  Get rid of the stuff that does not bring you JOY!  Bringing peace into your life by identifying,  organizing, and designating a place for your treasures.   Free up your mind, body, soul, and heart to live in the present with what is important to you.  Get rid of the clutter robbing you of your time and peace.

Keep, Sell, Give Away, Recycle, Throw Away

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Pat brings peace of mind.  My husband and I were moving to our new home.  We both work out of our home.  We needed to move our businesses and downsize our stuff in a quick, orderly manner.  With Pat we made the plan, Per the plan, she organized, packed us up, and then unpacked us at the new location.  We did not miss a beat with our work.  She made it stress free.

Sharon and Bill,

Naperville, IL

My husband and I were downsizing.  My husband sold his business and we decided to move out of state.  Pat helped us organize our move by identifying what to keep, sell, give away, recycle, and/or throw away.  I was able to work through my emotions in a pleasing way.  Pat is a blessing!

Meribeth and Jim, Naperville, IL

I inherited complete control of our business when my partner passed away.  At first it was overwhelming.  Pat helped me organize my inventory and sell off on Ebay what was not moving.  We then downsized our space and cut our operating expenses in half.  We are now

 running profitably.  Pat made the change go quickly and efficiently.  

Richard, Summit, IL

When he passed away, my husband left me over 2000 comic books packed in 4 boxes. The local comic retail store offered me $100 for all 4 boxes.  Pat through her expertise of valuing items and selling on Ebay, Pat sold the first box for over $1000 and the remaining for over $100 each for a total over $1600.  This was far better than $100!  Thanks Pat

Lois, Naperville, IL

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